The center of KINDER-CLUB® is BOBO the little penguin, he is not only a fluffy mascot, but a good friend on the slope. Kids at the age of 3 years can already learn how to ski in a playful manner. Bobo the penguin especially assists the specially trained children’s ski instructors on and offsite the slope. The pedagogical developed teaching system ensures fast learning and high motivation of the kids. Highlights in penguin BOBOs KINDER CLUB® BOBO dance to warm up. A magic carpet, carousel and funny figurines in BOBOs KINDERLAND help during the initial walking attempts on skies. Playing and practising with cones rods and balls get the little ones thirsty, warm up room with a toilet is available during breaks for the little snow rabbits. Afterward we take the BOBO express on a little round-trip trough the KINDERLAND. The kids meeting place is centrally located in the valley adjacent to the church near the ski bus stop. Because of a direct connection to the main ski area parents can start skiing without any detours.

How did BOBO arrive at Lermoos? Penguin BOBO is an unusual bird. He loves mountains therefor it is logical that he can ski. Penguin BODO loves winter time, snow and the cold. He favorite place is outside only and only if it is freezing cold outside does he stay inside his warm room. He loves being with children and favours everything they do. His favorite food is fish and ice cream as dessert. He especially likes skiing when there are lots of children around. Even if he stumbles and falls a real penguin gets up shakes the snow of his fur and carries on. What are you waiting for! Start with BOBO into the ski and snow fun!

ITS Economic interest group The ski school Lermoos Pepi Pechtl is a member of ITS economic interest group of ski school operators. Penguin BOBOs KINDER CLUB was established at 1994 as an initiative of the interest group of Tirolean ski school operators to set up a special children’s program not only to provide our youngest of guests a perfect training environment and also have a atmosphere especially geared for Children in and around the training on the slopes. This concept was developed in cooperation with pedagogues, not only for kids also with kids. Only a select group of schools in Tirol and ski destinations in Austria Germany and Switzerland are legally allowed to carry the name BOBO Kinder-Club. BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® 

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